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Our club was established in 1985 and aims to promote tourism, climbing and other mountain-related sports among young people and beyond. The related goals are to promote the Ciucaş massif and to initiate sustainable development projects for the community in the area.

C.T.A Ciucaș

Our projects

Ciucas festival

This project was carried out during the period 2003-2004. It was an evening of the mountain in Ploiesti. It took place in December at the Toma Caragiu Theater in Ploiesti and gathered over 300 participants.

Running Event

CTA Ciucaş members come to support the amateur community in Romania by organizing the Ciucas X3 event. For 7 years, we have been joining outdoor enthusiasts and mountain lovers.


Mountain education program consisting of informing students from Ploieşti schools to practice mountain tourism safely. Members of the club participate in the classes and after the course students receive printed materials.


In collaboration with the Prahova Emergency Situations Inspectorate, we printed 1000 workbooks for emergencies and first aid. We believe in the education of civic sense from early ages.


Created in 2003 in the absence of a Salvamont service in the Ciucas massif. The Voluntary Mountain Rescue Service contributed to the creation of the Public Service of the Salvamont County PH, some of whose members are still active in the PH Salvamont County Service.

Ecologizare În Masivul Ciucaș

Every year we carry out remarkable and hygienic activities in the Ciucaş Massif, in collaboration with SPJ Salvamont Prahova and with the support of Măneciu City Hall, Măneciu Forest District and Silva Chalet.

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