Cross 10k

Point Place Type Altitude Dist. from start [Km] Dist. to finish [Km]
Start Cheia Start 883 0 9.57
P1 Culmea Buzaianu C 1156 3.78 5.79
P2 Stana din Zaganu C, A 1550 4.88 4.69
P3 Islazul Vacii C, A, R 1000 7.04 2.53
Finish Cheia Finish 883 9.57 0

(*)C– Post Control, A-Water, R-Revitalization Post, S-Salvamont assistance

The start is on the 7 th of September 2019, 11.00.

The route follows the blue stripe marking that leads to Valea Stanii, through Buzoianu peak.
From Buzoianu peak, it separates from the marathon path and it climbs through the forest,
following the red cross marking. After about 15 minutes of climbing, we reach a clearing in
Zaganu stable, where the first control and hydration station is and where the climbing is over.
From that point,,the road goes down through the forest until we reach a large clearing, Islazul
Vacii. Here we encounter the second control point (+ food and hydration). The route
continues below the bridge that crosses DN1 A and we soon reach the Finish point, in Cheia.


Registration Fees

1 march – 1 april

15 EUR

2 april – 1 june

20 EUR

2 june – 31 july

25 EUR


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