Cross night fun

Point Place Type Altitude Dist. from start [Km] Dist. to finish [Km]
Start Cheia Start 883 0 8.6
P1 Silva Chalet C,A,R 1277 4.3 4.3
Sosire Cheia Finish 833 8.3 0

(*)C– Post Control, A-Water, R-Revitalization Post, S-Salvamont assistance

The start is on the 7 th of September 2019, 21.00.

Fun cross race with phosphorescent light, costumes and surprise prizes.
The cross take place at night, in order to support the marathon runners.
The route leaves Cheia, crosses DN1 and climbs to Silva chalet. The same route is valid for
the return race.


Registration Fees

1 march – 1 april

10 EUR

2 april – 1 june

10 EUR

2 june – 31 july

10 EUR


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